Repower Nelson

Nelson Farm Turbine Replacement Project

We’re thrilled to share information about the proposed replacement of the wind turbine at Nelson Farm in Hart. This project aims to replace the existing turbine with improved technology, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

🏡 Engaging Our Community: Consultation Event on 7th March 2024

Your voice matters! Join us for a consultation event on 7th March 2024 at Hart Village Hall between 4-7pm. This is your chance to learn more about the project, ask questions, and share your insights. 

🌍 Why Upgrade?

The existing turbine has been operating since its commissioning in 2016 and its model is over 20 years old. A newer turbine with a heightened tip height of 76m would generate significantly more energy while keeping to the same site. This upgrade ensures we maximize our wind resources while keeping to the existing number of turbines in the area, and the existing grid capacity.

🌱 Benefits Beyond the Upgrade

The proposed turbine brings a wave of benefits:

Generation Increase: Powering 120% more homes compared to the existing turbine.
Enhanced Equipment: Newer technology ensures improved maintenance reliability and a prolonged operational life.
More Efficient Energy Production: Utilizing existing infrastructure for more efficient renewable energy generation.

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