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David Medland, Thorne Farm.
Farming as a business is no longer as profitable and sustainable as it once was. Farmers are therefore turning to other means to provide a secure future for themselves, their business and their families.

One of those means, which is fast becoming the solution many choose, is renewable energy. Not only can it serve as an additional income and/or power source, but it also allows for the farmers and landowners to be doing their bit for the environment and to contribute to the sustainability efforts of the UK.

Mr David Medland of Thorne Farm, Holsworthy, is one of the now numerous landowners who’ve chosen to rent out their land for a renewable energy project for exactly those reasons.

He owns pasture land used for grazing sheep, but decided some of that could be utilized in other ways, which brought him to the renewables industry.

His initial discussions on this were held with renewables developer TGC Renewables back at the beginning of 2012, and feasibility checks showed the land at Thorne Farm to be a great site for this sort of technology. Cornwall Council found no environmental, visual or significant noise issues, and planning permission was therefore granted on the 16th of December 2012 for a 50kW Endurance turbine, with construction commencing shortly after.

The installation was completed and commissioned on the 25th of March 2013 and at time of writing; the turbine has produced 54,838 kWh of power to date. That’s enough to power 16 homes for a year, and the equivalent to 2 whole flights around the world!
The average wind speed on the site at 25m, i.e. at the height of the turbine hub, is 6.5m/s, which is very optimal for a wind installation of this nature.

Mr Medland commented “QUOTE”. We at CWE are already very pleased with how this particular site has performed since installation completion, particularly given the level of power it has produced in the space of less than 5 months! This is a perfect example of how successful renewable energy projects are very achievable. The key to that success is ensuring the right amount of care and attention is taken throughout the whole process to ascertain the viability of the project, that the right technology and spec is selected, and that the work throughout is of the highest quality, especially at construction stage.

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