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If you have an operational turbine(s) and wish to realize their value, CWE would be interested in hearing from you. With its dedicated asset management team and competitive position in the energy market, CWE could add value to existing sites.

Release capital from your turbine investment and still retain an annual income and access to low tariff energy, while knowing that your turbine benefits from the enhanced services that CWE provides.

Enhanced Monitoring Solutions

Advanced Scada technologies are used in synergy with the strength of our operating arm, Natural Generation, to ensure 24 hour monitoring of both the turbines generation, and of events such as downtime. This allows for a speedy resolution of issues, and the full clarity to then proactively ensure that the chance of further issues are reduced.

Ever-Improving Hardware

With a large fleet of Endurance turbines – whose manufacturer has exited the wind market – Natural Generation has needed to maintain turbines without any manufacturer warranty. This has forced innovation upon us. Certain measures have been deployed on existing turbines to enhance their performance and reliability, such as Smart Idle software, which reduces wear & tear, or installing custom-made noise-reducing brake pads.


Significantly reduce your carbon footprint

The opportunity to purchase the power produced at a preferential rate

Source of income created from the power the turbine(s) generate

Source of income created from leasing your land to us

A partner that has over 100 years of heritage and an established market position

Key things to consider

Is the proposed land at least 200 metres from trees and other buildings?

Is the proposed site at least 280 metres from the nearest residential neighbours?

Is the land free from the risk of flooding?

Is the land free from historical monuments or conservation areas?

Are you happy forfeiting an area of 40mx40m for the turbine and providing a 4m wide access track?