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If you are a landowner looking to realize plans to place a wind turbine on your land, for both the long-term financial benefits and to do your part for the environment, CWE would be keen to discuss leasing a small area of land within your property to install and manage said turbine(s).

This would provide the assurance of a rental income, and the opportunity to directly purchase electricity at supplier rates, while insuring that the turbines  are maintained and monitored with professional expertise.

As a Landlord

As a landlord you will have the opportunity to directly contact¬† Constantine’s head office and have your voice heard in every stage of development and during operation. Our asset management team is always on hand to answer queries or be informed of useful first-hand information. Alternatively, leave the turbine in the care of our 24-hour monitoring team, knowing that professional servicing and personal care will always be applied to ensure peak performance of the generators on your land.