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Proposed wind turbine installation at Parsonage Farm, Newton Tracey

We are proposing to install a single 100kW Northwind 100C-24 wind turbine at this site. The dimensions are as follows: 22m to hub, 34.2m to blade tip, 24.4m blade set. The location is shown below.


The proposal to install a wind turbine at the site at Parsonage Farm has effectively been in the public realm from as far back as November 2011 when a screening opinion request was submitted to North Devon Council for a proposed wind turbine development at the site. A planning application was submitted in May 2014 (the reference for this is 57453) for the proposed installation of a single medium-scale wind turbine, however, this was subsequently withdrawn over concerns regarding the perceived landscape and visual impact of the proposed development.

The forthcoming planning application is the result of the proposal going through a process of refinement since the original screening opinion request was submitted approximately three and a half years ago. We have reduced the overall height from 42m to blade tip to 34.2m to blade tip, and have selected a new location which lessens the potential landscape and visual impacts. This is backed up by further assessment.

We believe the site at Parsonage Farm is suitable for the proposed development and this has been fully evaluated through the feasibility process and further assessment. It would be disingenuous for us to claim that there won’t be a certain degree of landscape and visual impact from the proposed development, there is from all vertical installations of this scale, however it is submitted that this is limited and is considered acceptable in light of the promotion of renewable energy. The owner of Parsonage Farm sees diversification into renewables as a natural step to help secure the longevity of the farm for future generations.

Should you have any comments/queries on the proposal or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Fusco

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