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Scott Perry, Rosevidney Farm.

Many landowners are now reaping the benefits of having such technology on their land, and Constantine Wind Energy Ltd actually own a number of these types of installations across the UK.

Mr Scott Perry of Rosevidney Farm, Cornwall, is one of the hundreds of landowners who’ve chosen to rent out their land for a wind turbine to be installed onto, and has in turn created an additional source of income for himself and his family from that lease.

He has livery stables on his farm in the Penzance area of Cornwall, and owns quite a substantial amount of land over and above what he uses for his horse’s needs. He therefore decided to turn to renewables to supplement the costs involved in his business, and to put some of that extra land to good use.

His initial discussions on this were held with renewables developer TGC Renewables back in 2010, and initial feasibility checks proved that his site was great for an installation of this nature. Cornwall Council agreed that the site is relatively secluded and some distance away from residential properties and was therefore not considered to have any significantly detrimental impacts on either visual or residential amenity. Planning consent was therefore granted on the 17th of February 2011 for a 50kW Endurance turbine, and given a grid connection point had already been secured at the beginning of the year, construction began shortly after.

The installation was completed and commissioned on the 26th of November 2012 and at time of writing; the turbine has produced 103,864 kWh of power to date. That’s enough to power 31 homes for a year, and is the equivalent to 4 flights around the world!

The average wind speed on the site at 25m, i.e. at the height of the turbine hub, is 6.30m/s, which is great for a wind turbine installation of this nature, and was one of the main reasons we were keen to proceed with the project ourselves.

Mr Perry commented “QUOTE”. This site is another success story for us at CWE with how well it has performed since installation completion. The right care and attention was taken in the initial investigations of the feasibility of the project, expert skills and knowledge were utilized to ensure the correct technology was selected for the site, and we were committed to ensuring the highest quality of construction work was undertaken during the build itself. It just goes to show that provided site potential is expertly investigated from the offset, and the right technology and spec is selected, very successful renewable energy solutions are achievable.

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