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Adam Lawason, North Cassingray Farm.
Many landowners are now looking at other means of utilizing land that isn’t in full use for farming and the like, the reason for which often being a need for an additional and sustainable source of income.

Renewable energy is more often than not the route many venture down. Not only can it serve as an additional income and/or power source, it also allows for the landowner to contribute to the sustainability efforts of the UK, and generally do their bit for the environment.

Mr Adam Lawason of North Cassingray Farm, chose to pursue a renewable energy project, a wind installation in particular, for those very reasons.

He owns the farm and had begun to face the same problem many farmers are at the moment…a dwindling income. Not wanting to completely give up on the family business, Adam began to look at other options to supplement the revenue from the farm, and this led him to the renewables sector.

He began initial discussions on this with renewables developer TGC Renewables back in early 2011. Feasibility checks were carried out, and it was clear his land was a great site for an installation of this nature. It was thought that there may be an issue with visual impact due to surrounding turbines in the area, but Fife Council found the proposed development to be acceptable, and had no issues in terms of residential or ecological factors either. Planning permission was therefore granted on the 29th of June 2012 for a 50kW Endurance turbine, and construction began shortly after.

The installation was completed and commissioned by the 29th of November 2012 and at time of writing; the turbine has produced 133,723 kWh of power. That’s enough to power 40 homes for a year, and is the equivalent to 5 flights around the world! The average wind speed on the site at 25m, i.e. at the height of the turbine hub, is 7.18m/s which is fantastic for a wind installation of this nature.

Mr Lawason commented “QUOTE”. This has been a fantastic addition to the CWE portfolio of sites, and one we see continuing to be a success story for years to come. It proves that successful renewable energy solutions are easily achieved provided site potential is expertly investigated, and time is taken to select the right technology and spec.

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