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Andrew Barr, Harelaw Farm.
Although once a very profitable business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain an income from farming, and landowners are therefore seeking other solutions.

One of those solutions, which is often the preferred choice now, is renewable energy. Having an additional source of income and/or power is obviously a huge factor in the uptake of such projects, but the fact that it also allows for the farmers to be doing their bit for the environment and to contribute to the sustainability efforts of the UK is also a big positive.

Brothers Andrew and Ian Barr of Harelaw Farm, Carstairs, chose to pursue a wind turbine project for exactly those reasons.

They have joint ownership of a large amount of pasture land that is mainly used to graze sheep. They made the decision to investigate whether utilizing some of that land for renewable energy efforts could be a profitable move for them, and that brought them to renewables developer TGC Renewables back in 2011.

Feasibility checks were carried out, and it was clear theirs was a great site for this type of technology. So much so, that it was decided to apply for permission to deploy two turbines on the land. South Lanarkshire Council saw no issues with that proposal, and planning permission was therefore granted on the 9th of December 2011 for two 100kW Northern Power turbines, with construction commencing shortly afterwards.

The installation of the first turbine was completed and commissioned on the 30th of March 2012, with turbine 2 following suit on the 18th of September that same year. At time of writing; both turbines have a combined production of 427,626 kWh of power. That is the equivalent to 85,525 newspapers, or the production of over 8500 cars!

The average wind speed on the site at 25m, i.e. at the height of the turbine hub, is Xm/s, which is great for this type of technology and was part of the reason we at CWE were so keen to pursue this project.

Alan Barr commented “QUOTE”. This has also been a fantastic insight for us at CWE into how well the Northern Power machines actually run, and we are very proud of how this site has performed to date. It’s another example of successful renewable energy projects being easily achieved when the time is taken to properly investigate site potential and the most suitable technology and spec.

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