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Michael Lee, Ham Farm.
Many people are now looking at other means of utilizing any un-used land they own, not least of all farmers. It therefore comes as no surprise that the uptake of renewable energy is vastly increasing.

Not only can it serve as an additional income and/or power source, it also allows for these landowners to be doing their bit for the environment and to contribute to the sustainability efforts fast taking hold across the UK.
Mr Michael Lee of Ham Farm is one of the now hundreds of landowners who’ve chosen to rent out their land for renewable energy purposes for exactly those reasons.

They have a stud farm and decided to turn to renewables to supplement the costs involved, resulting in a very successful project so far.
Their initial discussions on this were held with renewables developer TGC Renewables back in 2011, and after initial feasibility checks were carried out, it was clear theirs was a great site for an
installation of this nature. Torridge District Council considered the subsequent wind turbine proposal to be one which would make a positive contribution to the renewable energy production targets, and saw no unreasonable impact on residential amenity, local landscape or visual interests. Protected species, local infrastructure and noise impacts are also looked at when planning permission is being considered, but again, the council found no issues in these areas with the Ham Farm proposal. Planning permission was therefore granted on the 10th of July 2012 for a 50kW Endurance turbine, and construction began shortly after.
The installation was completed and commissioned on 25th April 2013 and at time of writing; the turbine has produced 31,123 kWh of power. That’s enough to keep 4 cars on the road for a year, or power a whole flight around the world!
The average wind speed on the site at 25m, i.e. at the height of the turbine hub, is 6.08m/s…great for a wind turbine of this nature.
Mr Lee commented “QUOTE”. This has been another successful project for CWE thanks to the care and attention taken to investigate the site potential, and to ensure to the correct technology and spec was selected for the land. If this approach is taken every time, very successful renewable energy solutions are easily achieved.

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