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Tom James, Dunstaple Farm.
Although farming was once an easily profitable business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain in terms of income, and the farmers themselves are therefore seeking other solutions.

One of those solutions, which is fast becoming the popular choice to turn to, is renewable energy. It allows for the farmers/landowners to be doing their bit for the environment and to contribute to the sustainability efforts fast taking hold around the world, whilst providing them with an additional source of income and a more sustainable future for themselves and their families too.

Mr & Mrs Martin of Dunstaple Farm, Devon, are two of the now numerous landowners who have chosen to rent out their land for a renewable energy project.

They own the farm, and run their dairy business from it with their herd of X fresian cows. They decided some of their land could potentially generate additional revenue for them via the likes of a renewable energy project, and this brought them to renewables developer TGC Renewables.

They first discussed the possibility of such a project with TGC back at the beginning of 2012, and feasibility checks showed the site to be very suitable for this type of technology. Torridge District Council saw the proposal as an acceptable form of renewable energy development, given it had no noise or visual impacts on the surrounding area or detriment to conservation needs. Planning permission was therefore granted on the 6th of September 2012 for a 50kW Endurance turbine, and construction began shortly after.
The installation was completed and commissioning on the 16th of November 2011 and at time of writing; the turbine has produced 128,755 kWh of power. That is the equivalent to 17 cars on the road for a year, and is enough to power 4439 laptop computers! Mr & Mrs Martin’s daughter and her husband actually use the power generated by the turbine at their ice cream factory, which is situated on the farm, Mr James commented “QUOTE”. This site has proved to be a great addition to CWE’s portfolio, and has performed very well since installation completion. It just goes to show that when site feasibility is expertly investigated from the beginning, and the right technology and spec is selected for the land, successful renewable energy solutions are very achievable.

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